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Cash Loan For Your Personal Needs

I need for days

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4 Easy Steps to get a Cash Loan

  • 1Apply For Loan
    Fill in the details on the application form
  • 2Get Approval
    Get status of your loan approval within 24 hours
  • 3Receive The Loan
    Receive cash in your bank account within 24 hours via bank transfer
  • 4Receive the loan
    Receive the loan at any of 4000 MoMo's transaction points nationwide

Why choose Micro-money

  • Transparent costsTransparent costs
  • Simple proceduresSimple procedures
  • Money will be sent immediately after approvalMoney will be sent immediately after approval
  • Always there for you – any time, any placeAlways there for you – any time, any place
  • Flexible disbursement and repayment termFlexible disbursement and repayment term
  • Making life easierMaking life easier